melissa matson
artisan-dyed fabrics and garments

paper boxes

one-of-a-kind gift boxes are constructed from select portions of original "duett collaborations" by David Chamberlain and Melissa Matson. these monotype oil paintings are printed onto fine quality, heavy archival art paper - only one print exists, so these boxes are absolutely one-of-a-kind! the ends of box flip open for easy loading of light-weight items such as gift cards, small books, scarves - and the box itself is an additional gift! the box can fold flat for mailing or storage, and is strong enough to be re-used and/or re-gifted. sizes vary - measurements given are the length x width x height at the maximum of the curve.

"plain" ($8.50) or embellished ($10)

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Emb Box A (4x4.5x1)
Emb Box B (6x5x1.5)
Emb Box C (4x5x1.5)
Emb Box D (6x4x1.5)
Plain Box A (7x4.5x2)
Emb Box E (6x4x1.5)
Plain Box E (5x5x1.5)
Emb Box F (5.5x5.5x.75)
Emb Box G (5x5x1)
Emb Box H (6x3.5x1.25)
Emb Box I (6x4x1.25)
Emb Box J (6.5x3.5x1.25)
Plain Box C (4x7x1)
Emb Box K (5.5x5.1.5)
Plain Box D (7x4.5x2)